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Academic Challenge Cleanup

November 6, 2010
February 5, 2011
March 12, 201

Please contact Tanya Dailey to help out with this event.

The Bryan Station Band Association will help with the clean-up process after each of the challenge events at Bryan StationThe Band Association will receive $500 per event for the following work:

AC will use approximately 60 classrooms at BSHS They move the desks and chairs to accommodate 3 teams per classroom during the competition.

AC will begin to finish with the use of the classrooms by about 1:00 pm.

A list of rooms that are ready to be put back in order are given to an adult coordinator from the boosters and then teams of band students, led by an adult to begin putting the rooms back in their original configurations.

Desks and chairs are put back in place, materials are gathered and put into blue bags labeled Academic Challenge and returned to the storage area.

Large trash items are gathered put in trash.

Custodians follow to clean floors and empty trash.

In the past the work was easily completed in a couple of hours.