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2007-08 marked a turning point in the Band program.  The Bryan Station High School Symphonic Band received a Distinguished rating at the Kentucky Music Educators Association District Concert Band Festival held at Northern Kentucky University on Saturday, April 21, 2008.  The ensemble was comprised of 45 students from each class (freshmen through senior) selected by instrumentation and ability.  They performed Festia by Kentucky composer James Curnow and Into The Storm by Robert W. Smith.  The Marching Band again qualified for the State Quarterfinals with their year of "Reincarnation" show depicting the death and rebirth of Bryan Station High.  The practice rooms were outfitted with surplus computers from the old building.  Music software including SmartMusic was installed allowing students to practice and take playing tests for the computer instead of a director.

With the addition of Instrumental Music as a class, Associate Director Don Hicks began a successful guitar program bringing in Kelly Richey for a series of master classes.  Additionally, Color Guard was now a class, and the members received academic credit for their hard work.

Micah Tatum was chosen 1st chair All-District bass clarinet.  He, along with Taylor Chapman (marimba) advanced to the 2nd round All-State Band Auditions.  The following students received Distinguished ratings at Solo & Ensemble Festival:  Sam Nickell (3), Rico Sanchez (2), James Guyton (2), Charity Barbour (2), Chris Walters (2), Jordan Chapman, Brooke Howard, Taylor Chapman, Luke Francis, Christian Campbell, Wes Pattie, Tavanei Crowders, Jaleesa Taylor, Cecilia Owsley, Holly Hardwick, TC Sorrell, Rachael Radcliffe.